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Anuradha Jaiprakash
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What does Discover Artist art Academy offer?

Discover Artist Art academy is specially formulated to nurture creative intelligence and to stimulate the imagination of children and adults. The program is structured to encourage the students to observe, analyze and create through the medium of art.

Approach of teaching

The emphasizes here is a student-centred, process-oriented and hands-on approach whereby student's choices, decisions and works are respected. Art provides an appropriate facilitation to encourage an inquisitive, creative and critical mind, cultivate a love for learning, and develop in children and adult a positive attitude towards themselves and the environment on the whole.


Students especially kids will be facilitated to explore on the theme chosen for each term. Stories, rhymes and other literature will be used to enhance the study unit.

Holding discussions about (various) their homelands, including culture, history, lifestyles, sports and school system eg elementary and intermediate exams wherein based on those discussions students would create their own artwork.

Art and Craft for kids

Activities include drawing, coloring, painting, printing and crafts. Children can work with different mediums and create with a variety of materials. Art and Craft activities also develop a child's eye-hand coordination, creativity, fine-motor and intrapersonal skills cognitive skill development. Every piece of work is unique and respected by one and all.

Developing kids personality

Art is a wonderful medium of nurturing creativity. Hence by enhancing artistic skills in children, we make them creative individuals, capable of lateral and innovative thinking. This in turn makes them a confident individual.

Progress of the child

Apart from visible changes in his personality and perceptive skills, you will be able to track your child's progress by getting in touch with his instructors at Discove Rtist Art Academy at regular intervals.

Benefits of the Art academy program

Art as a visual medium offers all students an opportunity for self-expression; develops a pattern for growth provides means to experiment and explore the deep potential within and means to display their understanding of the world around them. Art not only fosters the imagination but also enables them to relate positively to their environment. It inculcates a sense of confidence and creativity. It greatly enhances their powers of observation and sharpens their intellect.

Course Curriculum

The course is divided into 2 Stages. Each stage is spread across 6 months comprising of 6 terms. There are 2 lessons modules in each term.

Stage I - Prima Junior - Intermediate (for children between 6 - 9 years)
  • Intermediate coloring
  • Recognition of shape/objects
  • Arranging field trips, audio visual programs and out door other organized events
  • Combination of shapes
  • Figures
  • Drawing
  • Proportion and form
  • Shading
Stage I I - Prima Senior - Intermediate (for children between 10 - 14 years) Each stage is spread across 6 months comprising of 6 terms. There are 2 lessons modules in each term.
  • Advanced Colouring
  • Advanced Water colours
  • Advanced Colour tones/shading
  • Details on proportion & form
  • Drawing advanced
  • Painting on canvas

Learning material

Standardized artist quality material will be provided to the students. The material would be packaged in kits consisting of Drawing Sheets, Wax crayons / colour pencils and a file. The cost of this is included in the registration cost of the student.


At the end of 6 months the student will be given a certificate of completion for the stage recognized by the Academy.


Every year a Discove Rtist Art competition will be held and winners would be awarded with certificates and prizes.

Students would be taught to develop their creative abilities systematically. The teaching methodology is scientifically designed to expand the learning faculties in a fun-filled manner. Besides finding an important avenue for expression, children develop self-confidence and ability. More significantly, the child's thought processes are trained to absorb and retain through a creative medium. This ability has been proved to help every child to perform better at school.

DISCOVER ARTIST art academy offers a year round art classes and workshops taught by experienced educators and professional artists in a unique setting. The art classes and workshops for kids are planned and designed by Prof Kashinath Salve who is an Ex Dean of JJ School of Arts - Mumbai, Director of Discover Artist art academy and Mrs Anuradha Jaiprakash who is the Event Director of the art academy.

Contact: Mrs Anuradha Jaiprakash - 9833154917

Other courses are offered to Children, Teens & Adults (by topic)

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printmaking/Mixed media
  • Potraits
  • Terracotta Clay modeling
  • Minakari
  • Murals
  • Workshops


Shop number 1, Penrith Building,
Hiranandani Estate, Thane.