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Anuradha Jaiprakash
+91 98331 54917

Anuradha Jaiprakash (b.1977) has evolved as an artist through a process of self-realisation. A qualified Labour Law professional, Anuradha has had artistic inclination from her childhood when she was inspired by her grandfather's calligraphy. Perhaps from such early exposures she has taken to the 'form' in her art so articulately. Painting, she says is meditation for her. Here you will find some of Anuradha's most exquisite creations to date.

Anuradha's paintings are grand in scale. She deals with grandeur like it was in her own backyard. She loves the vast canvas and her works too depict the vastness in their presentations. In her own words she says she has always marvelled at the beauty of architectural masterpieces. Her travels to Europe have exposed her to such grandeurs of historical significance. Here we see some of the marvellous glimpses of her artistic reproduction of the objects of her fascination. Fascinating is the way she recreates the images with sublime and there is fluidity about her pieces. There are obvious hints of impressionism in Anuradha's exhibits here. There is continuity in her works. Each of her works is not an end in itself. You are tempted for more of her grand invocations filling up the canvases. Nurtured by Prof. Kashinath Salve's expert guidance, Anuradha has found a new consciousness in her art which has resulted in her creating these paintings.

Anuradha aims to explore the unexplored fathoms of realistic and impressionistic art forms. Her love for nature and outdoors is manifested in her in a deep spiritual sense. She is determined to give a vent to her strong inner self believe in her forthcoming projects. So, for sure Anuradha Jaiprakash is here to stay.